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Mount Gambier is the major service centre for the Limestone Coast. A thriving progressive community, residents enjoy a quality lifestyle, with city facilities and services, many attractions, a wide range of accommodation, shopping and entertainment and surrounded by volcanic craters, lakes, limestone and underground aquifers.

Famous for its 'Blue Lake' which changes colour dramatically each year. The Blue Lake is just one of the lakes within the three craters of the volcano. The city also boasts beautiful parks and gardens, caves and sinkholes. An interesting mix of galleries, museums and markets provides an insight into the culture and arts of the town. With fresh local food and wines available at many cafes and restaurants everyones tastes are catered for.
Destination or Drive Through?
Mount Gambier's location equal distance from Adelaide & Melbourne makes it an ideal stopover for travellers going to and from Kangaroo Island, the Great Ocean Road and the Grampians, it is also a perfect destination to host events and conferences.